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Alysha Fiedler



I have always been creative and have been able to envision things that others couldn't. This is why I chose Interior Design as my future career. I could literally look at a space in my head and paint the walls different colors and add/subtract furniture and move walls. I could see the finished product without physically rendering a thing. I graduated with a degree in Interior Design from FIDM and about 3 months later the recession hit. No one wanted to pay an interior designer for the house they might lose so my profession tanked.

A few years later, I was married and pregnant and stationed in Oklahoma. I wanted so badly to document this pregnancy because I knew how fleeting happiness and dreams can be so I hired the best photographer in the state. This was my first time ever hiring a professional photographer and the experience was great and I was so beyond happy with the product because of what those photos meant to me.
That maternity session planted a seed in my brain that maybe I could be a photographer. My son was about 1 year old and our lives were about to change drastically. We were leaving the Air Force after going into it believing my husband would be a lifer, and we were moving back home to California. Why not add to the change and take a chance on the idea that someone might one day seek me out to document important moments in their lives?
I had never been around babies before my son and once I had him I realized how fun, fickle, crazy and wonderful children are. Right before moving back home in 2015, I invested in a professional camera and lens with no idea how to use them. So many books, videos, tutorials, a little bit of skills I had gained in design college, and asking anyone and everyone to let me practice on them, I'm here now. I am incredibly proud of my work and how my skills have evolved. They say every photographer has a style and that's true, at least for me. I would describe my style as intimate. I like some shadow and closer, tighter images because these kind of images are the ones that make you feel more deeply than the everyone-looking-and-smiling photos, although those are wonderful too!

So, here I am. I always have my hair in a bun, I purposely don't own anything other than jeans and a t-shirt, and I can now say that I totally know what I'm doing. I own a home in Menifee with a small designated studio area and I love what I do! I genuinely enjoy kids and have become friends with so many of my loyal clients as I've watched and documented the growth of their families. I love how I always get to keep my creativity level high because of all of the custom props I create. This career path is so fulfilling!

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