Hi everyone! I'm still bad at keeping this blog up to date, but I am in the throes of photo season! As most of you know, I am booked for the rest of the year (except for newborns and milestones) and I am so thankful for your business and taking time out of you schedule...


I'm back!

Brandon (Dad) works with my husband, but I had never met them before. I was a little nervous about working with 4 young boys even though I have 2 of my own, but these boys were so well-behaved! It was a breeze! I was also excited about finding a spot that's so...


I am booked! Other than Milestones and Newborns, my family and holiday sessions for 2018 have all been booked.


Thinking of booking a session for next year? Plan ahead and book now! Want to gift someone with memories?? I have gift certificates available!!


Hi everyone!

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for an amazing year this year! I know it's only September, but I really feel like I've hit my stride and am thankful for your business.

On that note...

I am booking up FAST for the rest of 2018. September and October are comp...


As I've built this business, I've kept it very informal and casual because that's honestly how I am as a person. This has not worked well, though, for a small percentage of my dealings. Because of the few who have not had any respect for me or my time and my passion, I...


My husband and I have known Sarah and Ryan way before any of us were married to each other. My husband went to college with them while I did my thing at FIDM in LA, but we were all friends. We've gone from house parties to play dates and that is hilarious. And also mak...


I can now call myself a traveling photographer! I photographed my favorite family in the whole world up in Kirkland, WA and I WILL move there one day! Ok, probably not, but HOLY MOLY was it stunning there! Here are just a few of my favorites...


I have added an "Important Info" page to my website. I  ask that all clients and potential clients read this information. Go to the HOME page and select "Important Info" to read it. You can also read it here (info current as of July 4, 2018)...

+ Non-Payment- A deposit...



I haven't had a set of twins since my very early days. I've learned a few tricks since then, but Cody & Ciara were two of the most relaxed babies I've ever worked with... and there were TWO. I had all these super cute snuggly poses in mind, but it was pretty funn...


This little girl's daddy is a police officer so I think she'll be well-protected! She's just so pretty and was so easy to work with. I wish all babies were as chill as Rylan!

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