I'm terrible at blogs

Hi Everyone! Obviously, I'm pretty terrible at keeping this blog up to date. Having my second tiny human crawling around has really changed the game for me.

What does this mean for you?

Well, Hubby and I have decided that the right thing for my family is to cut back on my time spent on photography. Although the shoots don't take long, the editing really does and I'm spending a lot of what should be our family time working. I absolutely refuse to give up on photography completely because I get so much from it and really, really enjoy it so we've come to a compromise: I am only taking on 4 shoots a month. They can be all in the same day (hopefully not! I think I might die of exhaustion!) or spread out, it doesn't matter; only 4. If you want to book with me then do it now as you're thinking about it! Don't procrastinate because I want to accommodate you and take some beautiful pictures for you!! As of this moment, I am booking a month in advance. Holiday photo season is coming soon so book with me as soon as you have your details narrowed down. Holiday photos are usually taken between October-November so you don't want to be that person scrambling to find a photographer to take your pictures before Christmas.

The point of this post is to keep you in the loop. I love photography and feel like I've really hit my stride. I am self-taught and am learning as I go, but I feel like I've figured out my style and who I am as a photographer and how to do it all correctly and beautifully. I'll be taking pictures for a long time! Now, if I could only remember to take pictures of my own family. Oh, mom brain. It's a thing.

Anyway, here area few of my favorites since my last post...

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