Website Upgrade!

So, obviously you can tell that I'm not very good at keeping up with this blog, but I am going to make an effort to change that! My work is always evolving as I learn and my website should reflect my updated style and technique. I am updating this website currently so you may experience issues (especially in the mobile version) until it is all ironed out and designed with a new, cleaner style in mind. I have big plans to take Butterfly Tree Photography to the next level and am investing in learning (always, always learning!) and I'm going to be bringing fresh ideas to life this year!

My goals:

Upgrade website to reflect a more professional style.

Keep blog up to date.

Invest in classes to learn how to do all the technical things I've been wanting to master.

Create a portfolio that is amazing (I'm definitely on my way to this one!)

Have my prices reflect my hard work so I can invest in better, higher end equipment. (This one means should book now to receive today's prices!!)

Break into weddings once my little human starts pre-school (in 2 years).

I had a health scare that involved major spinal surgery and it made me realize I love what I do! I don't want to stop. A fire was definitely lit under this rather large booty of mine.

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