Brielle Turns 1

I've been taking Brielle's photos since she was in her mommy's tummy! And now she's 1... how is that possible?! We not only did a Cake Smash to close out her Milestone package, but I was hired to capture her first birthday party as well.

All Ashley did was tell me she wanted mint and blush colors for Brielle's Cake Smash and I came up with the rest. If you're curious about how a Cake Smash works or we come up with designs feel free to contact me with any questions. Here's a good overview:

- You let me know the colors/theme you'd like to go with and I come up with a setup that goes.

- You provide outfit and cake.

- I provide cake stand.

- Sometimes babies HATE their cake. If you suspect this might be the case then let me know and we'll do a quick few photos before we introduce the cake, just in case (if this is the case, refunds will not be given because I already bought supplies and worked very hard on your setup. Crybaby photos make hilarious stories when they're older!)

- If your baby gets super messy, don't worry! I have all the stuff for a nice sink bath to get all the cake and frosting off, including baby wash, a towel and washcloths.

- That's it!

Here are my favorites from Brielle's Cake Smash and her party:

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