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I have added an "Important Info" page to my website. I ask that all clients and potential clients read this information. Go to the HOME page and select "Important Info" to read it. You can also read it here (info current as of July 4, 2018)...

+ Non-Payment- A deposit of $25 is required for all shoots. This deposit reserves your date and time so I will not seek to book anyone else during your reservation. Because of this, your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If a deposit is not received by any time deemed by me before your shoot, your shoot will be canceled. I will only ask up to 2 times for you to please send your deposit before your intended reservation is open to the next client.

Digital images will not be delivered until complete full payment is received.

+ Unforeseen mechanical or computer malfunctions/errors- Sometimes malfunctions happen and there's nothing that can be done. In the event that a shoot cannot be completed due to some kind of mechanical malfunction, no payment will be accepted by me and I will do my best to reschedule. If payment has already been received but photos cannot be delivered for any mechanical/computer reason, your payment will be refunded and I will do my best to reschedule you.

+ I own the copyright- You will receive a print release upon request which allows you to print and use the photos how you'd like (other than sales), but I own the copyright, therefore, I can use the photos in any way I'd like.

+ Milestone shoots- There is certain information I need ahead of time for Milestone shoots. Milestone shoots occur at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, with the 12 month shoot being a Cake Smash. In order to come up with a custom design for each setup, I need to know how you will be dressing your child at least a month in advance. This is important. If you do not give me enough time, nothing can be ordered or made and I will come up with something out of what I already own. Milestone shoots are not extravagant and do not involve other siblings or family members unless otherwise agreed upon by me. I design the setups and the client must feel confident with my design style before booking. I use my discretion when it comes to setup design.

If payment for Milestones is broken up into 2, then the first payment (one half of total) is due at the 3 month shoot and the remainder is due at the 6 month shoot. Shoots will not be completed without payment. If payment is not received at the designated times (3 month shoot and 6 month shoot) then your Milestones are cancelled and any deposit and previous payments are kept by me.

+ Expectations not met- If you have specific poses, props or a specific editing style in mind for your shoot then this is very important information to give me WELL BEFORE your shoot (at least a month in advance). I may not be able to recreate specific poses or editing styles, or use certain props for any reason and I will be able to give you reasonable expectations once these ideas are sent to me. Any ideas presented without notice may not be accommodated.

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