As I've built this business, I've kept it very informal and casual because that's honestly how I am as a person. This has not worked well, though, for a small percentage of my dealings. Because of the few who have not had any respect for me or my time and my passion, I now require a contract to be signed by all clients moving forward. I've outlined everything I can think of and worst-case scenarios, but what I needed was a way to more easily walk away from those that don't respect my time and think that canceling last minute is not a big deal. I am not a used car salesman. I don't like hounding anyone to pay deposits to reserve their dates or to please give me the info I need because we're getting too close to the session date. Please don't make me be that person! We're working together here.

Ok, I've said my peace. Is this what grown-ups feel like?? ;)

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